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Sex, the final frontier: Cindy Gallop raises $2M from mysterious investor for social sex tech

 “Everything’s a battle,” Cindy Gallop sighs, although ti’s clear she relishes those battles. What she means is that the entire Internet has long been divided into two separate, walled fiefdoms: one labelled “pornography,” the other marked with those three dread words “no adult content.” The territory between those two worlds, which she is trying… Read More


President Trump's Fake News Awards Top This Week's Internet News Roundup

Last week, President Trump announced the winners of the Fake News Awards—with a website that was (briefly) not real.
Source: WIRED

Women’s March 2018

Above are some of the signs that stood out to me during the Women’s March here in NYC yesterday. I marched with the remarkable Vicki Saunders, wearing my big red heart from last year.

It felt powerful and so poignant to me that I marched with Vicki, founder of SheEO, as she is single handedly changing the landscape for women entrepreneurs, but much more than that, creating a global support and mentor eco-system built on radical generosity. I am hopeful for the future my daughter is growing into. A world where women support women and where women will eventually get equal rights and respect. We will get there!

Interested in Vicki’s work? Watch her CreativeMornings talk.


What if Samsung's Galaxy S9 gets these six features? – CNET

These innovations could find their way onto future phones.
Source: CNET

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Why inclusion in the Google Arts & Culture selfie feature matters

 When Google Arts & Culture’s new selfie-matching feature went viral earlier this week, many people of color found that their results were limited or skewed toward subservient and exoticized figures. In other words, it pretty much captured the experience of exploring most American or European art museums as a minority. Read More


Want to Avoid Malware on Your Android Phone? Ditch Google’s App Store

Opinion: Researchers from Yale Privacy Lab argue that the scourge of trackers in Android apps means users should stop using the Google Play store.
Source: WIRED

Why Facebook's news feed changes are bad news for democracy | Emily Bell

News organisations say they have seen a steady drop off in Facebook referred traffic

“Homepage. Even the word sounds old. We bring the news to your social feed.” A week ago this is what you would have found on the not-the-homepage of the millennial-focused video site Now This News. Icons for Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook guided viewers out on to the social web where the real action was. Click there now and it is a different story: social media icons have been relegated to the very bottom of the page, while stories like “Unicorn Noodles Are Now A Thing” and “Cape Town is Going to Run Out of Water” are plastered over Now This videos.

The homepage is back, and not just for those chronically old people over 40, but for every news organisation that wants to survive falling off the great Facebook cliff of 2018. Because last week Facebook announced it was changing its recipe for the news feed – the stream of posts anyone sees when they open up their account – and that the net effect would be to promote more things posted by family and friends, and fewer things produced by publishers.

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Andreessen Horowitz's Spin Master Built Silicon Valley As You Know It

For decades Margit Wennmachers has quietly shaped the world’s hottest startups. Now Andreessen Horowitz’s secret weapon must reckon with the era of big tech.
Source: WIRED

Self-Driving Cars Mean New Love for the Auto Industry

When Aptiv teams up with BMW, it’s like “Intel Inside” but for self-driving cars.
Source: WIRED